Makers of Original Drinks is a Swedish company started by passionate food and beverage business professionals. Swedes are known – contradictionary enough – for both the sinning and the healthy living.  Our passion is finding ways of combining them. We create next generation skinny party beverages.

Non-alcholic, sugar-free, and natural aromas are among the strongest trends on the drink market today. We meet this growing demand by developing and producing next generation low-calorie ready-to-drink festive beverages. 

OUR VISION is to substitute high-calorie adult drinks with low-calorie ready-to-drink beverages as the preferred party option. 

OUR MISSION: is to be the leading supplier of high-profile, low-calorie and ready-to-drink party beverages.


Makers of Original Drinks Sweden AB  |  Torsgatan 8  |  111 23 Stockholm, Sweden